Symptoms and Signs of Anal Fissure
23 Nov 2021

Symptoms and Signs of Anal Fissure

An anal fissure is a small cut in the sensitive, mucosa that connects the anus. An anal fissure gap may happen when you pass thick or huge stools during a solid discharge.

Anal fissure regularly may cause pain and blood with defecations. You additionally may encounter fits in the ring of muscle toward the finish of your anus.

Before moving forward, let us know what causes anal fissure first.

What causes Anal Fissure?

Anal fissures are generally caused by harm to the coating of the anus or anal canal, the piece of the digestive organ. Other potential reasons for anal fissures are:

  • Passing huge or thick stools
  • Constipation and stressing during poo.
  • Crohn's illness or another intestines infection
  • HIV
  • Tuberculosis
  • Pregnancy

Symptoms of Anal Fissure

  • Severe pain during solid discharges(poo)
  • Pain after solid discharges
  • Red blood on the stool or tissue paper after a solid discharge
  • A cut in the skin nearby the anus

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Diagnosing Anal Fissures

The doctors will cautiously assess the medical history and signs. A fissure is analyzed after an assessment directed by the doctor. It is normally noticed during the examination of the anal area. However, a rectal assessment is led to a precise diagnosis. Incidentally, an analysis of anal sphincter weight might be taken for gaps that have not reacted to basic medicines.

How to Prevent Anal Fissures?

  • You might have the option to forestall an anal fissure gap by taking actions to forestall constipation or diarrhea.
  • Eat high-fiber nourishments, drink liquids, and exercise consistently to shield from stressing during solid discharges.

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