Anal Fistula

Laser Treatment of Anal Fistula

No Pain / No Stitches

20 Min Procedure

Discharge within 24 hours

All Insurance Accepted

What is Anal Fistula?

Anal Fistula

Anal fistula is a communication or tunnel between the anal canal and the outer skin of the anal area . Patient usually complaints of recurrent pus discharge and swelling near anus .Visit Goyal Piles Laser Centre for the best laser treatment of anal fistula in Delhi. Laser surgery for anal fistula is a USFDA approved treatment that treats fistula effectively. The laser operation technology help you get rid of the problem without any pain.

How Does It Occur?

An anal fistula usually results from an injury to the tissue lining the anal canal or an infection in that area. It may occur as a result of :

  • Constipation causing injury
  • Infection in the crypt (cervices) glands lining the anal canal.
  • Crohn’s disease a chronic inflammation of the intestines.
What Are The Signs & Symptoms?

The first sign of an anal fistula may be painful swelling near anus, after few days it bursts and pus drained out .Patient feel relief for sometime. After few days swelling recur at the same site, followed by persistent discharge.

Symptoms of anal fistula may include:

  • Regular or intermittent discharge of mucus or pus
  • Pain and swelling in perianal area

How Is It Diagnosed?

Anal fistula is diagnosed by physical examination of the anus and perianal area . This may include the following procedures

  • Anoscopy a procedure in which the doctor inserts an instrument called an anoscope into the rectum to inspect the annal canal.
  • MRI Fistulogram: To Confirm the disease & to find out the route of the anal fistula tract.

Treatment of Anal Fistula

An anal fistula mostly requires surgery as they don’t heal on their own. If left untreated.

  • Traditional Surgery
  • Laser treatment of anal fistula
  • The surgical procedure used to correct an anal fistula is a fistulotomy. In a fistulotomy, the doctor cuts/open the infected area which allows the fistula to heal. Stitches usually aren’t used.
  • Fistula is usually treated surgically under regional or spinal anaesthesia in the operation Theatre. If the fistula is complex and goes through both sphincter muscles then more complex procedure may be necessary.
  • After fistulotomy, the doctor will prescribe sitz bath and moist dressings to be done to or three times a day. Typically an anal fistula will not heal until it is surgically treated.
  • With the advancement in science and technology fistula can be treated easily through laser. Laser surgery or laser treatment is a day care procedure that offer several advantages over traditional surgery.
  • Nowadays more and more patients are preferring for laser treatment of anal fistula.
  • Laser surgery for anal fistula is a USFDA approved treatment that treats fistula effectively. Laser Surgery carried out under spinal / general anesthesia.
  • The laser operation technology help you get rid of the problem without any pain.

Why Painless Laser Treatment?

20 min procedure

Patient discharge on the same day /after 24 hours

Join duty within 48 hours

No dressing /No cuts

No Stitches

Why Goyal Piles Laser Centre?

  • Internationally recognized Laser Machine
  • US, FDA approved
  • 20 mins procedure
  • All Insurance Accepted
  • Neat & Hygenic Environment.
  • Highly experienced and well-qualified doctors
  • Female attendants are always present with a female patient.
  • All paper work of Mediclaim done by our team on your behalf.

To avail the efficient Laser Treatment for Fistula in Delhi, visit Goyal Piles and laser centre. Since it is geared with the latest and advanced equipment.

Hassle-Free Insurance Approval
  • Covers all insurances
  • Cashless facility available
  • No hidden charges

Advantages of Laser Procedure

Laser surgery Normal surgery
Painless procedure Painful procedure
Minimum or zero bleeding Heavy blood loss
Day care procedure 1-2 days bed rest required
Quick recovery Takes time to recover
Minimum chance of recurrence Chances of recurrence +
Near to zero chance of infection Chances of infection +
Post operative recovery is very excellent Post operation pain ++

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