How to treat Anal Fistula?
23 Nov 2021

How to treat Anal Fistula?

An anal fistula is nothing but a channel that connects from inside the anus - the opening of your body uses to dispose of strong waste - to somewhere in the skin nearby it. It normally follows a disease that didn't recover the correct way. Your primary doctor can fix the fistula, yet you'll require a medical procedure for that.

Diagnose Anal Fistula

If the doctor thinks you have an anal fistula, they'll get some information about your medical history and give you some tests.

A few fistulas are generally easy to spot while others are not. In some cases, they close all alone; at that point, they open the backup. Your physician will search for indications of overflowing liquid or bleeding. Your doctor may stick a finger toward your anus during the test.

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How to Prevent Anal Fistula?

Follow these rules to help anticipate anal fistula.

  • Eat meals that are high in fibre and keep up regular bowels propensities.
  • Drinking a lot of water can also prevent fistula
  • Know about the signs and symptoms of the old illness and look for medical consideration.

Treatment of Anal Fistula

Conventional Medical Procedure – the surgery that is used to address an anal fistula is a fistulotomy or cutting the fistula open. In this, the specialist cuts and opens the tainted section, which permits the fistula to mend stitches that are generally not used.

Fistula is generally treated precisely under spinal sedation in the operating room. On the off chance if the fistula is complicated and experiences the two expert’s winter muscles comma or diverse more complex strategy might be fundamental.

The doctor will endorse sitz shower and clammy dressings after fistulotomy . It might be done more than twice a day.

Anal fistulas, as a rule, require a medical procedure as they seldomly recuperate whenever left untreated. In case if you are looking for Best Hospital for Fistula in Delhi contact us; Goyal Piles and Laser Centre. We are here to assist you with its medical procedure.

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How to treat Anal Fistula